Kosher Travelers

Traveling to a new city can be stressful. When you or a loved one keeps kosher, the stress only intensifies. Don’t let anyone’s visit to Charleston, rated the #1 city in the U.S. by Conde Nast readers, be stressful. Dining In creates delicious hassle free meals that also live up to Charleston’s high standards for taste and presentation.

Dining In makes everything to order. We need time to purchase ingredients to create fresh meals made with you in mind. Unlike restaurants, we do not make hundreds of meals per day, so we do not keep much inventory on hand. In order for us to serve you fresh high quality meals, please order at least four days in advance! There is no guarantee we will be able to honor requests with shorter notice.




Keep vacation stress free with easy and yummy travelers meals. We offer hot options for people with access to an oven and cold options for everyone who does not. Our portions are usually for 3 people, but we can work with you if your numbers are different. Click contact us to start a conversation today!

  • Please order your food at least three days before the date of pickup or delivery. 

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Our entire family has been enjoying Dining In's challahs and food for over 25 years. The gourmet delicious food, desserts and challah enormously enhance our annual family vacations in Kiawah. We love our visits to the Lowcountry and depend on the meals to leave time for vacationing and have confidence we will enjoy delicious food at dinner. We're grateful to Marcie, a fabulous chef!

-Rella Feldman