To Go Food

One the staples of Dining In has always been offering food to take home. Whether serving a kosher guest or just taking a break, let Dining In help with Shabbat and the Holidays.

Dining In makes everything to order. We need time to purchase ingredients to create fresh meals made with you in mind. Unlike restaurants, we do not make hundreds of meals per day, so we do not keep much inventory on hand. In order for us to serve you fresh high quality meals, please order five to seven days in advance! There is no guarantee we will be able to honor requests with shorter notice.

To order, click on the link for the menu you would like. Print the menu, fill it out, and follow the instructions on the bottom of the form to return to us.

Carry Out, Delivery, & Holiday

Order anything from a couple sides and desserts to an entire series of meals, Dining In is here to provide a yummy, kosher, alternative for you. Please order your food at least three business days before the date of pickup or delivery. Delivery & maschgiach fees may apply.

Challah Order Form>

Click here to order challah.

Rosh Hashana Order Form>

Click here to order Rosh Hashana food.

Yom Kippur Order Form>

Click here to order food for Yom Kippur’s break fast.

Sukkot Order Form>

Click here to order Sukkot food.

Monthly Specials

Every month Dining In offers a few specialty items. They are only available on a certain day and time, please make sure to check out the details for when they are being offered. Don’t miss out on these limited time only dishes. This menu is only offered once a month, please check the dates listed on the order form!   

August Pizza>

Click here to order pizza.

Families & Groups>

Individual Plated Meals>

Please look at our high holiday menus above for September and October specials!