Who We Are




Meet Marcie Rosenberg

Dining In is Charleston’s kosher catering company helmed by Marcie Rosenberg. Marcie knew she wanted to work with food since the second grade. She started working in the food industry when she was 16. By 21, she had graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and moved to Charleston. She began working in restaurants such as Village Café and Supper at Seven. In 1989, she ventured out on her own.

“When we started Dining In, it was all about taking care of people.”

Dining In began simply; people invited Marcie into their homes to cook for the week. She helped busy households have a delicious, home-cooked, healthy meal, even when they did not have the time to prepare it themselves. As time went on, Marcie began serving larger functions. Business took off in 1992. Soon after, she decided to prepare only kosher food. Today, Dining In exists as an exclusively kosher company that doesn’t just feed people, but creates memories and once in a lifetime events as well.

Marcie works with you to create an event that fits your vision. Marcie cooks everything from gefilte fish to enchiladas. She doesn’t stop at food; she does everything from room set-up to ordering table cloths. Her wealth of experience with events and food is part of what Dining In provides. From kosher-for-Passover margarine to kosher mock crab, Marcie can find it for you.